Our Vision

To nurture the youth to grow into fully-fledged personalities and global citizens of the future world, by drawing out the best in them through support in all forms of learning.

Our Mission

The staff, parents and members of the School Board of BRS aim to encourage each student in all aspects of learning by: Working together as a team and learning community. Identifying, nurturing, and developing every student’s potential. Promoting learning with love. Offering a holistic education to develop students’ aesthetic, moral, and social values; as well as their intellectual and physical capacities. Providing a rich, challenging academic programme. Encouraging independence and confidence in a safe environment. Providing a rich, challenging academic programme. Promoting personal self-esteem and respect for others. Setting high academic standards. Creating a world-class education experience—innovative, challenging, and enterprising. Setting high academic standards. Encouraging the development of positive social and cultural values. Developing leadership skills in all students. Providing positive adult role models. Sowing the seeds of wonder, creativity, innovation, hard work, and the spirit of discovery and adventure.

Our Values

At Bright Riders, we promote the values of knowledge, Respect, Social ResponsbilityResponsibility, Creativity and Celebration:
we value fostering a passion for lifelong learning by acquiring skills and content required for successful and critical thinkers.
we value treating others the way we ourselves like to be treated.
Social Responsibility
we value the ideas that individuals have the ability to change the world and the group has the power to make this a reality.
we value igniting the spark of creativity and curiosity in our students.
we value celebrating an accomplishment, be it big 

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